Anna Fro Vodder: Restless Confetti

11 November – 17 December 2011

In her new paper based works created for the exhibition, Vodder invites us into a poetic world filled with sketchy, random composition. A field of vision emerges from this, where possible and impossible objects, times and material sources are mixed and altered again, linked togther in new variations allowing new interpretations. Like confetti, generally used in celebration, thrown into the air it lands in arbitrary structures and patterns, Vodder makes reference to drawing as a physical process in which movement, transience and temporal variability is pivotal to the act. Thus, she refers with her exhibition title Restless Confetti to paintings process of creation – confetti, which mimics the character and conditions of collage.

Anna Fro Vodder composes her images using a system, which allows for the emergence of large forms aswell as random collision of content, while simlutaneously managing to show the intimate, treatment of a color or shape.

The exhibited works are created out of basic materials like paper, pencil and watercolor. Some are worked into sparingly and bring to attention the papers fragile and raw qualities. Each element in the image is made up of torn, wrinkled or folded paper arranged in neat patterns and shapes, so the work gets relief-like structure and depth. Other works appear as mixed media collages featuring existing pictural elements or materials such as clippings from newspapers and magazines, wire, seeds, dried and pressed leaves from plants, labels and packaging superkmarket goods. Pattern and phenomena such as time, food and transience are combinded and manage in a strange way to capture the nomadic or fragmentary character in the work. Vodder juxtaposes the abstract idiom with the recognizable, using an associative process in her works. As fragments, apart and at the same time connected, she explores how the world fits together through irrational structure and the randomness principle as seen with confetti.

Anna Fro Vodder was born in 1974 and graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. In 2006 she received the 3-year grant from the National Arts Foundation and has been exhibited widely both at home and abroad.