Rasmus Rosengaard

Rasmus Rosengaard (b. 1979, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen. He is a graduate MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2007.

The focal point of Rosengaard’s artistic work is the monochrome work, its materiality and its contemplative opportunities that he has consistently worked with for years. Lately Rosengaard has demonstrated his unique ability to create meditative and melancholy frames of mind, with a series of works, where he in graphite alone tests the limits and possibilities of the frey monochrome. This involves a special focus on the processing of sensitive and ambient elements of the picture plane. These drawings are done on canvas or on paper with graphite dust, which undergoes a long-winded process in which the graphite is smoothed on the canvas with a cloth to create and explore a spatial depth or evocative elements that can break and reshape the monochrome color surface.

By virtue of the material, the belabouring of the graphite nearly forms some cloudy formations which can act as extensive landscapes or blurred indefinable life forms, when you stand in front of them. The drawings are based in the inner peace and moods – they seem meditative in their particular form of pictorial silence.

Rasmus Rosengaard is represented in the following museums and public collections:

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Københavns Billedkunstudvalg

Artist’s website


7 June – 10 August 2014
˄Ɣ ƪǷœ
Marie Søndergaard Lolk & Rasmus Rosengaard
Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art




Variations on Black

SOD Group Show 2012

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