Ferdinand Ahm Krag: Heavenly Mud

19 August – 24 September 2011

In a series of new works Ferdinand Ahm Krag creates an opportunity for reflection of some of the greatest conceivable topics, namely time, space and construction.
Using a multifaceted collage technique, he composes a both wonderful and complex world of images, like peeling back layers of wallpaper in an old building, Ferdinand Ahm Krag’s photos reveal to us a living space and its significance within the image, layer by layer.

Through “op-art’s” formal and almost meditative repetitive action, the straight line drawn flatly over the paper, creates a detailed range of possibilities. Within this space it is almost as if the artist creates futuristic architecture, the eye is lead further into the image, to a space within a space; digitally transfered acetone microscopic copies of seeds and biological cells.

In this scientifically inspired environment Ferdinand Ahm Krag creates a fictional and abstract dimension which seems to solidify an infinity between the micro- and macrocosmos. Scale in these works is indeterminate, in the sense that both open and endless spacial expanses and microscopic particle sizes are suggested simultaneously.

The differently shaped and sized pictorial abstractions stand out, like science-fiction formations within a weightless utopian world.

Born in 1977 Ferdinand Ahm Krag graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art in 2006. Heavenly Mud is shown simultaneously with two other exhibitions, Final Instructions to the IMO, which can be seen until the 27 August, and solo exhibition Waves of Graves shown at Esbjerg Museum of Art until the fourth of September.