Jens Birkemose: Damen i Søen

8 July – 13 August 2011

We are proud to welcome you to the first solo exhibition featuring Jens Birkemose in Denmark for over 10 years.

Jens Birkemose has mastered the poetic nature of association and improvisation for nearly half a century. In 1970 he published Correspondances, a publication of drawings and various paper based works. The title refers to Baudelaire’s famous poem from the collection Les Fleurs du Mal (1857), in which he claimed true the existence of a common symbol representational of smell, color and sound. Birkemose makes use of drawing linguistically – creating a conversation, which communicates and carries within it signs of life. His practice has since become a myriad of visually similar poetic publications and booklets, in which the combination of text and fragemented imagery put against a mass of thought experiments, are expressed as unmistakable interpretations and commentaries on art, life and a world of thoughts in words and aesthetics.

In the exhibition Damen I Søen –Birkemose presents us with his paper based works, some are older, while others created specifically for the exhibition. Thus Birkemose invites us once again to become further immersed, creating for us with his sharp sense of aesthetics, the weird and quirky, the absurd and the abstract. Evocative photos, keepsakes from love affairs, from casual conversations or newspaper, appear insistantly, acting as fuel in Birkemose’s production; always in new contexts, new variations, new rhythms, new sounds.