Emil Westman Hertz: Forever Altered

27 May – 2 July 2011

It seems as if Westman Hertz both innocently and deliberately turns the world upside down in his distinctive artistic form, in exploring the long-established dialogue between spirit and work, matter and life. Inspired by “foreign” rituals, phenomena and cult objects, the imagery combines, temporarily merging to form a wondrous and Western escapism. Within this expression it seems possible, to suggest an existence that carries its own shadow, a rite, a likeness, subcultures in which each form has its own meaning, and each meaning is a nomadic culture interwoven in the global fabric. Adventures and notions of travel in classic novels such as Alexander von Humboldt and Niebuhr are sources of inspiration and fuel Westman Hertz motifs.

In the exhibition Forever Altered, however, the journey becomes momentarily introverted, amongst other works, Westman Hertz shows a series of drawings created during a period of prolonged hospitalization. In these drawings Westman Hertz invites us into a primitive and virtuoso imagery rich in detail, clearly inspired by love for the unknown, like an explorer travelling to remote, undiscovered and primitive places. Not merely like that which is contained within the physical world, these drawings are also inward journeys to the dark recesses of the mind. In a strange way they capture, how perception and thought is ritualistically, nomadically interwoven in a culture or the psyche, in constant motion- they are Forever Altered.

Exhibition review:
Papiret fanger, Af: Julie Damgaard, Kultunaut 7. juni 2011