Rikke Benborg: Immortal Muse

30 March – 5 May 2012

In a series of entirely new video pieces, photography and embroidery made especially for the exhibition Rikke Benborg leads us into her unmistakably black and white, highly sensuous universe. Using the title, the artist draws our attention towards geometric symbolism and relationships between space, shape and body.

In one of the works we see a section of the Buddha’s physique proportionally mapped out directly onto a woman’s face. In contrast, a second video features a male face, arranged asymmetrically, in an aesthetic reminiscent of a modernism. In stop-motion animation faces and hands are drawn up in various black linier patterns. Eluding to sketches of the physical proportions, they also refer towards more mythical aspects of the ritual decoration of the body – or even a plastic surgeons guidelines drawn onto the body.

Benborg thus allows the drawings to serve as a springboard, from which she investigates and articulates both abstract and physiognomic principles of image creation. Just as drawing can simulate three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional surface, Benborg challenges perception of dimensions when she reversely, draws onto an in reality three-dimensional object or subject, which when captured by the camera lens appears to be two-dimensional.

In a similar manner we are lead into a third video work, into her universe, where geometric symbolism meets the feminine body, like a mute figure clad object. Black surfaces painted in the background, meet in straight lines with black painted faces or bodies in the foreground, merging together they appear to be on the same plane. The artists play with perspective and perception, wherein form and body are combined in a fragmented aesthetic, mimicks the avant-garde cinematic experiments of the last century.

Rikke Benborg (b. 1973) studied Fine Art at Middlesex University, London and subsequently at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, which she graduated from in 2006. Benborg is a promising emerging video artist, receiving the National Arts Foundation 3-year scholarship in 2008. She has produced and exhibited a wide range of video works, most recently in the geometric installation Hermetica, Traneudtillingen 2011.

Rikke Benborg exhibition interview:
Immortal Muse, Af: Line Marie Thorsen, Kopenhagen Art Institute 1 May 2012