Christian Finne: When A Child Is Taught To Kill

17 February – 24 March 2012

Under the title When A Child Is Taught To Kill, Christian Finne set the tone for the interpretation of six 100 x 70 cm. large, brand new drawings, created for the exhibition. Each image is made using colouring pencil on black cardboard, a lone figure featuring as the key element of the drawings’ composition threading the series together. In the works, Christian Finne travels into a purely formal pictorial universe made up of coloured patterns of various holistic nature in which all elements are intended as psychedelic and existential gestalts.

Thus Christian Finne seeks with the spellbinding gestures in the space once more to focus attention on the dogma which, given his already twenty-year, monomaniac, well, it is no exaggeration to say manic, interest in exotic alkaloids and the intricate interplay between plant and mind, he has made his favourite cause.

For Christian Finne, it is not just about the otherwise highly decorative patterns but rather, be able to perceive and experience a whole living world, which can be found in the psychedelic. It is the expansion of consciousness which occupies him – which is reflected just as succesfully in the imagery.

Christian Finne was born in 1974 in Denmark, and graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005.