Sinne Blanné

Sinne Blanné (b. 1986, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she is a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Sinne Blanné’s drawings can be seen as investigations of natural phenomenas, structures and historical facts. The motivic models, often stems from the pages of Encyclopedias and other reference works, subjectively mapped and twisted aesthetically, whereby the image as well as text drawn in freehand becomes extracts of patterns. With fine small strokes or dots set by a small felt pen on paper she alludes the Xerox copy’s distortions of its original, whereby original and copy seems to be turned inside out. By this unique aesthetics Sinne Blanné seems to accentuate different aspects of our society to lay bare and to question the premises on which we build our history and social understanding.


10 January – 15 February 2014
Staging the Spaces
Marie Kirkegaard Gallery


SOD Group Show 2012

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